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About the Author

 Jeff Jacobson

Jeff lives near Chicago with his famly and a whole bunch of pets.  He teaches Fiction and Screenwriting at Columbia College, Chicago.

He was born in Northern California.  He has endured Chicago winters, officiated weddings, survived traffic in Taiwan, acted in a student theater company in Melbourne, Australia, and his keen fashion sense has been known to make grown women weep.

Jeff is a fan of: Monster movies.  Hard-boiled novels.  Heavy duty HEAVY METAL.  Movies with lots of guns.  Good whiskey.  Bad monster movies.  Mountain biking.  Krav Maga.  Pretty much any beer without the word "Light" in the name.  Shooting at paper plates nailed to trees and sporting clays.  Needlessly violent video games.  Really, really bad monster movies.

Despite his novels, he remains an enthusiastic carnivore.