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About the book

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Wormfood horror author Jeff JacobsonArch Stanton has a bad job that’s about to get a hell of a lot worse.

He’s sixteen, scrawny, and dirt poor. He has an almost supernatural ability with firearms, but it may not be enough to survive the weekend.

Welcome to Whitewood, California, an isolated small town in northern California, a place full of bad manners and even worse hygiene. Money is tight, jobs are scarce, and bitter rivalries have simmered just under the surface for years.

Fat Ernst runs the local bar and grill. He’d stomp on his own mother for a chance at easy money, and when he forces Arch to do some truly dirty work, all hell breaks loose.

Fat Ernst’s customers find themselves being infected by vicious, wormlike parasites and dying in unspeakable agony. As events spiral out of control, decades of hatred boil over into three days of rapidly escalating carnage. Will anyone in this town escape . . . before they’re eaten alive?


"Poignant and thoughtful yet violent and gritty, WORMFOOD is a triumph of a first novel. Think Joe R Lansdale meets Harper Lee in a roadside diner that serves human flesh. Part coming-of-age story, part cautionary tale, part redneck thriller, WORMFOOD is much more than a horror novel but just as disturbing. Jeff Jacobson is a writer to watch out for and I'm looking forward to reading his work for years to come.

WORMFOOD is not just a great horror novel, but a great novel, period. Exciting, fast-paced, entertaining, and with that extra touch of heart that lifts it from the realm of pulp into high art ..."

-Trent Haaga, screenwriter of DEADGIRL

"Jacobson's evocative prose goes down like Southern Comfort in WORMFOOD, a terrifying mixture of The Petrified Forest and the very best nature-runs-amok drive-in flicks. A first rate horror thriller with memorable characters and an action packed climax that will leave you dreading rainstorms forever."

-Gregory Lamberson, author of Personal Demons and Johnny Gruesome